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Don’s Story

Don was fifty-eight years old. On his first visit, he said,

“I feel so bad by three in the afternoon that I have to take a nap. I actually had a sofa placed in my office under the guise of a place for business associates to sit. By five o’clock, I was ready to home. At home, I would prop my feet up on the ottoman and just sit and watch TV. I would fall asleep, wake up, and fall asleep again until I dragged myself to bed at ten o’clock. The next morning I would get up as tired as I was when I went to bed the night before. I had my testosterone checked and it was 258.

My Doctor gave me testosterone pellets and now my testosterone level is over 1100. I go in about every three months and have more pellets inserted. Now I have energy all day. I never need to take a nap. When I go home from work, usually after six or seven, I play with the dog outside and take a walk every evening. I feel great, and my wife and I are on our second honeymoon after forty-two years of marriage.”



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