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Glenda’s Story

Glenda was a forty-nine-year-old mother of three who worked in a government office as a computer engineer. She was very well educated… but suffering terribly. She called our office to tell her story:

“I have been having hot flashes so bad that I had to take three changes of clothes to work me every day. When I enter my workplace I have to go through three different clearances. It was so embarrassing to have three changes of clothes to be inspected. I had the pellet hormone treatment done last week on Friday. After three days, I have not had one hot flash. Now I take no change of clothes to work. I can’t believe what has happened. I’ve been using hormone creams for two years without hardly any help. I am telling everyone I can’t believe what a difference BHRT did for me!”

Glenda’s story is not unusual. Thousands of women have been helped by BHRT. It’s a known fact.


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