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Irene’s Life Was Changed!

Irene was forty-seven years old and miserable. She was having hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive and depression. She was on two different kinds of antidepressants. Irene said,

I am miserable. I have gained eighteen pounds since turning forty years old. I believe the antidepressants I was taking caused that. I have absolutely zero sex drive – none! When my husband begins to make sexual moves towards me, it makes me cringe. I never was this way before. I talked to my doctor ab9ut checking my hormones.

After threatening to see a different doctor, she finally agreed. She called me, actually her nurse called, and told me my hormones were normal for my age. I was so disappointed because I knew something was not right.

Irene was right. Her estradiol level was very low. And her FSH was very elevated. Both numbers demonstrated that she needed estradiol. Her testosterone was also low, giving the reason why she had no sex drive. Her progesterone was virtually non-existent. Irene had all these very low hormones replaced with bio-identical hormone pellets. She returned in one month with a completely different story.

I’ve not had a hot flash since the first week. I know I was supposed to gradually decrease my antidepressants, but after doing that for the first week, I decided to stop both. I had a little tremor for two days but this went away and I don’t take any medicines at all now. I have a sex now like when my husband and I were dating. I’ve not had a hot flash since the first week. I used to have to get up at night and change my gown but not anymore. My husband says I have as much vaginal moisture now as I did when we were first married. I know this sounds crazy but I was so miserable I would sometimes think about hurting myself But now. LIFE IS GREAT!


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