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How Patrick became 35 years old again at 65 with BHRT

There are three problems with the errant treatment of men with low testosterone by telling them,

“You are normal for your age.”

  • First, medical students are taught from day one, “Treat the patient, not the lab. In other words, “Listen to the symptoms of the patient. He will tell you what is wrong.” It is wrong to just look at the lab report and tell the patient, “Everything is okay. Your lab work is normal.”
  • Second, the results of blood work may be reported as normal for age. Obviously, most men who are going to have their blood tested are older. Young men do not have their testosterone levels checked. Therefore this eschews the number calling a low testosterone normal for most men. When looking at what most men have and calling that “normal” is inaccurate. The better word would be if we called it “average” for that age group. But it is not “normal”  
    for any age. Most men sixty-five years old don’t want to feel like all other men who are sixty-five. They want to feel like they felt when they were thirty-five!

Patrick was a sixty-four-year-old diabetic who was being treated for hormone deficiency with bio-identical testosterone pellets. On his regular visit to his endocrinologist, the doctors said with some alarm

“Patrick, your sugar and HgA1c are fine, but you have a real problem.”

Patrick responded,

“What’s wrong?”

The doctor said,

“Your testosterone is like a thirty-year-old man. That can’t be normal.”

Patrick asked,

“So what’s wrong with that, doctor?”

His doctor questioned,

“But Patrick, you don’t want to feel like a thirty-year old, do you?”

If only all of us had that problem! But the truth is that it is possible.

  • Third, forty years ago it was very acceptable to tell a patient normal systolic blood pressure (the top number) is “100 plus their age. For someone seventy years old, a normal blood pressure would be 170/90. This patient would be told, “Your blood pressure is normal for your age. No treatment is necessary.” But now we know that a patient is far more likely. to suffer a stroke or heart attack with numbers that high. It is now known that men with low testosterone are far more likely to have coronary artery disease leading to a stroke or heart attack. It is wrong to tell these men “Your testosterone is normal for your age. No treatment is necessary.” One day doctors will check a man’s testosterone just like the do his blood pressure and cholesterol levels today to assure he has the best chance of having good health.

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