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Clair’s Story

A young woman of twenty years old will often have a testosterone level of 80 or 90 ng/dL. But a woman who is fifty-five years-old may have a testosterone of 11 ng/dL or even less. The increase in a woman’s sexual response when treated with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is one of the most dramatic changes seen by physicians practicing BHRT.
Clair was one such patient. She was twenty-two when she married Jim. They enjoyed each other for years until she reached forty-seven.

“I’m here today for one thing- I need my sex drive back. My marriage is okay, I think, but my husband is frustrated with me. He has started sleeping in the other bedroom most of the time. He told me that we are more like friends instead of lovers. I tried talking to my doctor about it but she told me that all women go through this and it’s just something I would have to live with. She then said most women just use KY Jelly and fake it. A friend of mine at church told me about bio-identical hormones and how it helped her sex life a lot. So I bought a book about it and studied it.
I know that the artificial hormones are dangerous but the book I read says the kind you use are safe and even good for you. I need what my friend has, a good sex life. I don’t want to fake it with my husband.

Clair had gained twenty-eight pounds since her marriage twenty-five years earlier. She still had sufficient estradiol but her testosterone and progesterone were very low.

When Clair returned, her testosterone was up and she said,

“My sex life is on-hundred-and-ten percent of what it was twenty-five years ago. I have an orgasm almost every day. I sometimes call my husband at work to see if he can come home at lunch. He likes that. I’m sleeping all night now and feel full of energy the next day. My husband tells everyone how happy he is to have a new wife now.”

Testosterone is equally essential for proper functioning of the penis and the brain in men. This is most likely why there has been such a demand for Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. Nitric oxide is responsible for erections by increasing the blood supply to the penis. Nitric oxide is stimulated by testosterone.

Men who have low testosterone often complain of being tired all the time, not able to concentrate at work and not having the vitality they once had. As testosterone acts on the brain to stimulate sex drive and sexual fantasies. It also increases mental clarity and energy level in men and women.

-Dr. Dan Hale

The Life-Saving TRUTH about Bio-Identical Hormones

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