The Test Disclosures

Restorative Health's Online Hormone Test is not a medical diagnostics tool.  While results are based on the advice of our medical staff, the "test's" primary purpose is to deliver the best available treatment options to you in a timely manner.  While we take reasonable precautions to protect your information, we encourage you to discuss medical information you wish to keep confidential with our providers via telephone or in-office visits. Answering each question in the Online Hormone Test should be based on the symptoms which would most concern you.  This system is not designed as a medical intake form, and should not be used as such. Your submission may not be reviewed by a licensed provider on an individual basis. Online Hormone Test results are based on symptom matching across the broad range of symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance. Submissions may be anonymized and used by Restorative Health to improve the quality of our services and marketing materials.  You may schedule a consultation without using the Online Hormone Test and are encouraged to do so. Submission of any inquiry on this site should not be viewed as developing a patient-provider relationship, but is a request for more information.