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Dwight’s Story

Dwight was a forty-three-year-old pharmacist who worked in a compounding pharmacy. Preparing bio-identical hormones for various patients, Dwight had the opportunity to listen to many testimonials of the life-changing events of patients using his own products. He eventually came from a consult where he complained about fatigue, poor exercise tolerance, low sex drive and some difficulty maintaining an erection.

Dwight appeared to be healthy. He was not overweight and his blood pressure was good. He was pleasant, but others had begun noticing he was angry and had become short-tempered recently. Dwight’s wife, Janice, was nine years younger than her husband and had noticed a drop off of their sex life.

“We used to have a very active sex life.”

Janice said,

“We both said the changes in Dwight were just due to his heavy work schedule at the pharmacy.”

Dwight’s testosterone was a disappointing 267 ng/dL (normal 800 to 1200 ng/dL). Dwight was disappointed saying,

“But I’m only forty-three. You know, I didn’t tell you this, but my family doctor check my testosterone about six months ago and the results was about the same as yours. But he told me it was OK. I’m glad you confirmed what I thought. Now . I know why I’m this way.”

Dwight was treated with bio-identical testosterone pellets. He was given Revive to help with erections.

In one month Dwight was so relieved to report,

“My old energy is back. Janice and I are able to enjoy the sex life again we had twenty years ago. The Revive helped but I now hardly ever have to take it. I’m going for a long walk each evening with Janice and still have energy left.”

When Dwight came in for his third treatment at nine months, he said,

“You probably don’t remember, but when I first started seeing you, I was on Adderall for ADHD. Now I don’t take it any more after being on hormones. This is the first time I’ve been off that kind of medicine since I was six years old.”

Even though it may seem unusual for an adult to complain of ADHD, it is far more common than one might think. The response Dwight had to Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is often seen by physicians using this therapy.

The Life-Saving TRUTH about Bio-Identical Hormones

Dr. Dan Hale

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