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Edith and Jerry’s Story

Edith and Jerry’s Story

Edith had been receiving pellet hormone therapy for six months with excellent results. Now sixty-one years old, she came into the consultation with her sixty-three-year-old husband, Jerry. ” I have felt so good since starting hormone treatments, and I want Jerry to feel as good as I do. He doesn’t seem to be the same warm and loving man I married thirty-nine years ago. What I want is to have sex more than once a month.”
Edith was blunt – but she expressed was numerous other women have experienced: a renewed sex life. She had problems after menopause with vaginal dryness causing pain on intercourse. This was not much of a problem, however, because she had no libido. To further complicate the problem, Jerry had dropped off a lot in his sexual interest as well.
This couple is no different from thousands of others. Listen to Edith’s and their story:
     “The problem came when I regained my sexual interest but Jerry did not. Several times I even pleasured myself. I now have vaginal moisture like I had when I was eighteen. I also have more sexual thoughts as I did then as well. I enjoyed sex before and Jerry did too, but now he just gives up when can’t perform.”

Jerry’s testosterone was only 224 ng/dl, below most men his age, and far below where he probably was thirty-nine years earlier when he married Edith. Jerry had most all of the typical low testosterone symptoms. He reported,
“I knew something wasn’t right, but I didn’t know what to do. I blamed it on being so busy. My company is going gangbusters, and I’m working long hours to keep it going. I feel so stressed out, and sometimes I have trouble concentrating. I feel overwhelmed and have doubts about myself. Edith has changed so much in the past six months. I feel so embarrassed, but I don’t even think about sex much and more. When Edith and I are together, I am afraid I can’t keep it hard long enough to put it in. I wish I had her energy. Can you give me what you gave her?”

Edith was due for her three-month insert of estradiol and testosterone. Jerry began his first treatment receiving only testosterone pellets. Jerry was also started on Revive TCM, a supplement to help his erections. He was encouraged to start an exercise program and to follow a low glycemic index diet. Jerry had gained forty-five pounds over the previous ten years, mostly around the waist.
One month later Jerry and Edith returned for their follow-up appointment. There were smiles everywhere. Jeffy said,
 “I really feel like I did when I was thirty! Really. I have energy and can concentrate at work. I have my confidence back at work and home. I’ve already lost eight pounds and I”m down three inches in my waist. I stop off at the gym three days a week on the way home from work. I noticed on the fifth morning after the testosterone treatment I woke up with an erection. I hadn’t seen that happen in four years. I think about sex more than before. Used to I wouldn’t think about sex even once a week, now I think about sex two or three times a day. And Edith and I are like we’re on our second honeymoon, but this one is even better. We have sex almost every day and on weekends more than that.”

Dr. Dan Hale
The Life-Saving TRUTH about Bio-Identical Hormones

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