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Gene’s Story

Gene was a sixty-eight-year-old healthy-appearing man but complaining of having to go to the bathroom two or three times a night. He said,

“I’m having more symptoms of dribbling and taking a long time to urinate. Last week I was at an amateur boxing gym where there was only one bathroom. I had the urge to go out of nowhere. A young man was moving toward the bathroom door, but I cut him off. I felt terrible – but I had to. Then it took me five minutes to go. I was so embarrassed when I walked out, and he was still standing there. He didn’t say anything. Maybe his dad has the same problem.

I have trouble having good erections. I’ve tried Viagra, but it doesn’t work as it did two or three years ago. I’ve noticed my ejaculation is not as forceful as it was when I was young, and it just oozes out. Even after I have an orgasm, the semen seems to drip out for the next few minutes onto my shorts. “

I feel pretty good and don’t have any other health problems except it is harder to keep my weight down now that I’m older.”

Gene’s testosterone was low. But just as troubling was his high estradiol level. He was slightly anemic, and his hematocrit was low. His prostate was also enlarged.

Gene was treated with ten 200 mg testosterone pellets for a total of 2,400 mg. He was given a prescription for Arimidex 1 mg to be taken three times a week for one month. He was told to order Prostate Revive, one pill to be taken twice a day for ten days, then one each morning. He was given a bottle of Revive for erectile dysfunction to be taken one each evening until his next visit. Gene was encouraged to begin a manageable exercise program by walking daily. He was told to follow a low glycemic index diet.

When Gene returned in four weeks, he was elated. He now had the energy to walk up five miles a day.

“I could have never done that before the testosterone treatment I’ve lost nine pounds since I was here last month. My sex life is great. My wife is twelve years younger than me. We almost never miss a day without having sex. The erections come easier and last longer. The orgasms are stronger like it was when I was thirty. I usually don’t have to get up at night to use the bathroom if I’m careful not to drink anything for two or three hours before going to bed. I’m so excited about how I feel I don’t ever want it to end. I also started taking saw palmetto twice a day like you suggested. “

Gene’s testosterone was 1,124 ng/dL and his estradiol level was down to 43 pg/ml. His hemoglobin was up to normal at 16.3 g/dL and the same with his hematocrit at 48%. Gene’s wife was with him and confirmed his story. Rae said,

“I’m so glad he came in for treatment. I knew he needed some help. I’ve been on BHRT for four months now. So he and I are on the same page sexually.”

-Dr. Dan Hale
The Life-Saving TRUTH about Bio-Identical Hormones

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