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Hear From Heather

Heather was fifty years old when she had a bone mass densitometry showing that she already had osteoporosis.

     My mother was in a wheelchair after a stroke when she was sixty-six years old. She had begun to be humped over before that. When the doctor told me I had osteoporosis, the first thought was that I did not want to be like Mother.

The most significant finding at her exam was that Heather weighed ninety-eight pounds. She had a typical “Nancy Reagan body type,” which is frequently seen in women who have early osteoporosis. She was somewhat anxious in appearance, but very resistant to take any drugs. The doctor who discovered the osteoporosis has prescribed Fosamax, but she never filled it.
Heather’s sex hormones were extremely low. She had gone through menopause five years earlier, causing a lot of anxiety.

Heather was treated with small doses of pellets of testosterone and estradiol just under the skin. She was given a prescription for a rapid dissolve tablet of progesterone to be placed under the tongue at bedtime.

Heather did very well with her therapy with a return to normal of her sex hormones. Eighteen months from her previous BMD, she returned to the same doctor and had the same exam performed. This time her bone scan showed “normal bone scan.” Heather was elated. Today, nine years later, she still has maintained healthy bones with no back pain or fractures. Her greatest fear? “I just didn’t want to end up in a wheelchair like my mother.”

The Life-Saving TRUTH about Bio-Identical Hormones
Dr. Dan Hale


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