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Susan’s Headaches

Susan was a beautiful, vivacious 5’5″ thirty-year-old blond, upwardly mobile in her business of television media sales. Life was great. She had a fiancee whom she later married.

She came to my office suffering from severe migraine headaches:

     “Last week I read an article in a women’s magazine about migraine headaches and how they might be related to hormones. I don’t understand how hormones have anything to do with my severe headaches, but it makes sense because my headaches start about the same time of my cycle each month.
They always start on one side of my head, usually the left side. They are so bad I have to go to bed and try to keep the light out of the room. It also has to be as quiet as possible. They usually last two days. I cannot work with my headaches, and this is causing problems at work and with my fiancee. “

Susan said she had fairly regular periods, but they were very light. She was frequently anxious and maybe depressed.

She was extremely pleasant but desperate to do do something about her migraine headaches.

     “I take Imitrex when I have a migraine, but it seems to take so long to work.”

Her blood work confirmed what her problem was. Her estradiol and progesterone were both low. Because she was only thirty years old and knowing that progesterone converts to estradiol, she was placed on oral, sublingual progesterone rapid dissolve tablets. We saw Susan three months later.

     “I haven’t had a migraine since starting on progesterone, and I rarely have to take Xanax anymore. I haven’t missed a day of work. I wish more doctors knew how to treat migraine headaches with hormones.”

Dr. Dan Hale
The Life-Saving TRUTH about Bio-k Identical Hormones

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