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Sylvia’s Story

Sylvia was fifty-three years old and in the depths of menopause when she first came to see me. On her pre-visit survey, she checked thirteen of the twenty-two symptoms of hormonal decline: hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, poor sleep, weight gain, restless leg syndrome, no sex drive, forgetfulness, anxiety, fibromyalgia, mood swings, recurrent urinary tract infections and loss of self-esteem.

Needless to say, Sylvia was not a happy camper when we first talked.

“My marriage of twenty-seven years is falling apart. We are just living together, and that’s about it. We sleep in different beds because I am up and down all night. I am on two different medicines for depression and on for anxiety. My doctor stopped the hormones I was on because she said they caused breast cancer, strokes and heart attacks. She started me on Zoloft 100 mg a day. This made me gain twelve pounds in four months. I then had no libido at all. I didn’t even want my husband to touch me. What you are going to do for me today will be worth the money if I can just get relief from one of my problems.”

Sylvia was a very lovely lady – but I could tell she was holding back tears. She had read Suzanne Somers’ book, “I’m Too Young for This! The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perimenopause.” She knew there was something out there – but her doctor would not give her bio-identical hormones. The doctor was hesitant because he knew nothing about BHRT. She did not know how much to prescribe; nor did she know what bio-identical hormones to give because she had never been trained. No pharmaceutical representative had spoken to her about BHRT.
Sylvia continued,

“My doctor would not check my hormones and just changed me to a different kind of antidepressant, Prozac. She told me after a while you get used to one kind and have to change. That didn’t make sense to me. Then she wanted to increase the dose of my nerve medicine. I was already like a zombie. That’s why I’m here. I believe I have a hormone problem. I didn’t have depression, but now with all these drugs, I do.”

Sylvia was somewhat overweight at 168 pounds. She had gained thirty-two pounds in the past eighteen months. She was anxious and frustrated because she could not get the help she wanted. Sylvia’s blood work revealed that her hormones were extremely low.

She was given a very low dose of testosterone in a pellet form, 100 mg, to boost her energy and her sex drive. She was given a low dose estradiol pellet just under the skin to last for three months. Sylvia was to take progesterone 200 mg as a sublingual rapid dissolve tablet at bedtime.

On her return visit four weeks later Sylvia was beaming with joy. She said,

” I was hoping to get relief from at least on problem. But all the symptoms I checked on form are now so much better. Thank you.”

Let me make four summary observations from Sylvia’s case:

-Sylvia had a problem. She was not getting any better and, in fact, was suffering from severe side effects from the treatment her doctor s had prescribed.
-Her traditional doctors refused to root the root cause. Whether it was from ignorance or false facts fed from the pharmaceutical industry, they prescribed a treatment that was counter-productive.
-BHRT worked. It took only four weeks for Sylvia to see a dramatic difference in her health.
-Because of her dramatic improvement, she became convinced that BHRT was the proper treatment.

“She became convinced that BHRT was the proper treatment.”


Sadly, many traditional doctors refuse to check hormonal levels, especially in women. Many patients report that their doctor told them, “It won’t do any good to check your hormones. It’s normal to go through menopause; it’s just part of the aging process. But it is not pathological – it’s not a disease.” This mindset labels the effects of aging as inevitable facts that cannot be treated. But if a doctor does not check hormone levels and believes there is no relevant treatment when hormones decline, then they simply accept the inevitable facts about gradual declining health.

The Life-Saving TRUTH about Bio-Identical Hormones

-Dr. Dan Hale

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