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The Benefits of BHRT

A very detailed article by Erika T. Schwartz, using 267 medical study references, showed that testosterone replacement therapy has only been proven to reduce insulin resistance, fat in the abdomen, and the chance of having a heart attack. Dr. Schwartz goes ahead to point out that

“Based on the extensive scientific data we have reviewed for this article, it is unclear whether any absolute circumstance calls for synthetic versions of hormone-replacement therapy and such use appears unwise. Given the easy commercial availability of bio-identical formulations and the lack of negative data on these hormones, primary care physicians can easily access them for their patients.”

Therefore, there is no reason to use synthetic hormones when bio-identical hormones are safer, more efficacious, and readily available.
Men who have a coronary artery disease are at a high risk of premature death. This group of men is far more likely to have low testosterone. Men with angina, chronic heart failure or diabetes may see a great benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is indicated for men show signs and symptoms of low testosterone. These men who have testosterone levels below what would be seen in a young man often benefit from raising testosterone to 800 ng/dl up to 1200 ng/dl.

-Dr. Dan Hale

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