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Steps of the Vampire Facelift

  1. Evaluate the face based upon the mathematics of beauty. Both looking at the face and taking photographs and studying the photographs, find the ways the face looks attractive, what about the face distracts from beauty, strategy (based upon the tools available) for correcting the unattractive while not subtracting from the attractive.
  2. Apply numbing cream. Some prefer to skip this step, but most prefer to use a numbing cream. The cream contains three forms of the same class of drug used by the dentist when working on the tooth. After applying the cream to the skin, The Vampire Facelift becomes more comfortable.
  3. Draw blood from the arm. This is done exactly like if you were doing a blood test at the laboratory (except we use numbing cream). About a tablespoon or two of blood is drawn, depending upon the patient.
  4. Centrifuge the blood. A centrifuge spins the blood at a high speed while the physician does the next step.
  5. Inject an HA filler. Here the physician sculpts the face into a more beautiful shape.
  6. Extract platelets from the tube and activate with calcium chloride to release growth factors (turning the PRP into PRFM).
  7. Inject the PRFM into the face.
  8. Aftercare plans.

The Secret Blood Method to Revive Youth & Restore Beauty

Vampire Facelift

Charles Runels, MD

The Inventor of the Vampire Facelift Procedure

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