Whole Health Approach
at Restorative Health

     At Restorative Health, we take a whole health approach to helping you look and feel your very best.  Hormones are an important foundation upon which we can help you build.  That’s why, as part of developing an individualized  and personalized treatment plan we will often start with a comprehensive lab panel.  

     Other clinics and virtual providers commonly check a few lab values for initial panels.  At Restorative Health?  We know that we need to look at about a dozen values before properly starting any treatment plan.  

     According to our medical director, Dr. Staheli, many of the symptoms that you may be experiencing (weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, low energy, hot flashes, etc) can be triggered by any number of underlying conditions.  It is important that we spend time with our patients, getting to understand their individual experiences and needs.  That’s what makes Restorative Health stand out. 

     Through our decades of experience, Restorative Health’s providers have come to better understand how our bodies react to imbalances.  We take the time to understand how our patients benefit from available treatment plans.  We also help our patients make important lifestyle changes that are sustainable and beneficial. 

      For example, some of our patients have participated in food sensitivity testing.  This important panel has helped Dr. Staheli guide those patients in making smart food choices that help them get the most out of their efforts. 

     We have found that some foods can trigger immune responses that can completely undo the hard work  our patients are putting in at the gym and in the kitchen.  

     Thankfully, the providers at Restorative Health understand  the whole person approach to medicine.  We are about identifying the root cause of your symptoms and developing workable solutions. 

      Thousands of people trust our experts – go ahead… you’re worth it too!  Schedule a consultation today.