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Why is Elevated Estrogen Such a Disaster for Men?

If estradiol is so good for women, shouldn’t the same be true for men? Well, here’s some stunning information: men and women are different!

In men, if estrogen is too high, the risk of coronary artery disease increases. This is the opposite effect in women. Estrogen in men increases clotting factors which lead to blood clots. Estradiol in women increases substances that dissolve blood clots. Estradiol in men constricts coronary arteries that can cause heart attacks, while in women, estradiol dilates the arteries around the heart and protects the heart.

Elevated estradiol in men also causes fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and poor concentration. Elevated estradiol may result from the administration of testosterone. Too much estradiol is not good. Most men feel good with a level of estradiol of 35 pg/ml. A range of 25 pg/ml up to 45 pg/ml is acceptable. This is why having your estradiol checked with each office visit at least every three months is important.

The Life-Saving TRUTH about Bio-Identical Hormones
Dr. Dan Hale

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