Restorative Health's Lab Panels are
More Comprehensive and More Thorough
Than the Competition.

Restorative Health has a lab panel protocol that is far more comprehensive and thorough than the competition.  We believe that we are delivering the best possible results from our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy through informing our providers and our patients, using industry-leading treatment protocols. We have partnered with Labcorp to ensure accuracy of our specialized testing protocol.

Lab Values at Restorative Health Hormone Treatment

Our Medical Director, Dr. Jim Staheli, has used his extensive training and experience to develop an incredible treatment protocol for our patients.  

Our lab protocol requires an initial lab panel that is significantly more comprehensive than anything you might find at other clinics. This comprehensiveness is informed by decades of research and patient-facing experience.


After the Initial Lab Panel

After your first implant, we will run a “balance lab” to make sure that the values are  improving, consistent with a desired reduction in reported symptoms of hormonal imbalance. 

As you progress through the treatment plan, our expert providers will confirm dosing needs with a lab panel prior to each implant.  We encourage you to stay in contact with your provider and give us regular feedback.  In coordination with your provider and your reported feedback, additional labs may be ordered.  We pride ourselves on our willingness to put patient care first, always. 

At Restorative Health, we believe that the best way to empower our providers and practitioners to maximize their decades of experience, and deliver a real improvement in the quality of life for our patients, is by informing – not guessing.  

Consistent lab panels (at no additional cost to you, the patient) are an important part of delivering the standards of care that our patients have come to expect. 

That’s one reason why over 90% of existing Restorative Health patients report experiencing real results from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.