Joint Pain & Arthritis Relief

Relieve Pain with Your Body’s Own Blood

Ease painful joint friction and arthritis aches with the rejuvenating power of your body’s own blood. Our treatments relieve pain, increase the natural lubricating fluid in your joints, and slow degenerative damage to cartilage. With our custom treatment, you get greater comfort and range of motion during your daily activities so you can take back your life.

Areas of Joint Pain

If you’re experiencing pain that interferes with how you want to live your life, our medical providers can help. Men who experience joint pain while they exercise, participate in hobbies, or simply go about their day-to-day report getting quick relief from our regenerative treatment.

Most commonly-treated areas include:

After our treatment, your strength and mobility can return, making you feel whole again!

Regenerative Joint Pain Treatment

Our joint treatment uses a specially-concentrated injection that can help ease joint, tendon, ligament, and muscle pain.

Because it’s minimally-invasive, most people resume their normal, daily activities immediately after their appointment, which is about as long as a standard specialty physician clinic visit.

Why Our Treatment is Better for You

Unlike steroid injections for joint pain, our therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that encourages your body to heal itself. It has been shown to reduce reliance upon anti-inflammatory medications or opioid painkillers. Why take pills every four to six hours for weeks, months, or even years, when you could receive this groundbreaking therapy instead?

And because they’re made from your own body, these treatments have very few, if any, side effects, but especially no risk of damaging your stomach or intestinal lining or developing a reliance on pharmaceuticals, like many people experience with pain medications.

Joint Treatments FAQ's

Do I need to do anything special to prepare for my treatment?

Not at all! And there is no special aftercare, either!

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this regenerative treatment?

Give us a call! We’re happy to hear more about what you’re experiencing and help you determine whether you may benefit from our therapies.

How long does it take to receive this groundbreaking joint pain therapy?

Our joint pain and arthritis patients are usually in our practice for about two hours, including the time it takes to receive the treatment.

How quickly does this treatment begin working?

Most of our patients say they begin to feel relief almost immediately.

Free yourself from pain with our natural joint injections.

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