Women's Skin Care and Body Treatments

Facials, Facelifts, and Non-Surgical Breast Lifts at Restorative Health

A lady never reveals her age.

And if you take care of your skin and body the right way, no one will be able to guess it, either.

Aesthetics offerings at Restorative Health use natural components to defy aging without introducing foreign bodies into yours. 

Whether your goal is to achieve healthier skin or to add elasticity and firmness to your face or breasts, you don’t have to opt for invasive surgeries to achieve it.

Our medical aesthetics experts are licensed and certified medical professionals. They have dedicated their lives to helping you look and feel your best.

We take pride in helping you maximize your natural beauty and feel refreshed, confident, and positively radiant. 

Changes in Your Skin and Body

Aging is wholly natural, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the physical signs of it. Many women find dissatisfaction with:

Fortunately, there are physician-performed facial treatments and non-surgical breast lift options available to you at Restorative Health in Omaha, St. Louis, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Columbus. 

Rejuvenate Your Face with a Vampire Facial

If you regularly visit the facial spa near you, then you’re likely familiar with the traditional skin care options offered there.

A vampire facial is unlike any of those, which is why it works differently. In some cases, this treatment renders obsolete unfamiliar chemicals bottled in plastic, injectable fillers, and painful extractions.

By harnessing the power of your own blood to smooth the appearance of scarring and wrinkles and create a rosy hue that lasts for months, a vampire facial at Restorative Health leaves you looking more youthful and healthier.

Your results include skin that looks smoother, softer, and more firm – just like it did years previous. You’ll also see a reduction in the appearance of scars, making the whole procedure well worth the very reasonable vampire facial cost. 

Get More Drastic Results with a Vampire Facelift

If you’re concerned with changes to your face shape because of drooping skin and more defined wrinkles, then you’ll find you’re a good candidate for a vampire facelift. 

Like the facial, the vampire facelift uses natural compounds found in your own body, coupled with a hyaluronic acid filler to sculpt a younger version of your face, while still looking natural – just a better version of yourself.

Together, these plump the skin of your face, giving it a fuller appearance before completing the process to naturally encourage new tissue development and collagen production and improved blood circulation.

Because the vampire facelift is nonsurgical and minimally invasive, you can return to your daily routine immediately after your appointment at one of our offices in the Midwest and Southeastern United States.

Incision-Free Facelifts with PDO Threading

PDO thread facelifts are a minimally-invasive alternative to aggressive surgeries and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating natural collagen production in your skin.

PDO threads for neck lines and jowls are quite popular, but they also can lift and improve the appearance of nasolabial folds, jawline, and facial skin laxity.

Because PDO threads come in a variety of textures, our medical providers can customize your lift especially for your face, just as a plastic surgeon performs customized incisions during a traditional facelift. Talk to us about the results you’re looking for, and we’ll tighten and rejuvenate your skin, or lift and add volume. 

With just one week of recovery time, PDO threading is a wonderful surgical facelift alternative that rejuvenates the youthful proportions of your face, making you look slimmer, younger, and more healthy.

Non-Surgical Breast Lifts without Implants

Feel comfortable with yourself while wearing v-neck blouses or tank tops without the aid of a high-performance push-up bra, thanks to the fuller, firmer bust you achieved with a vampire breast lift!

Unlike the traditional breast lift, this one requires no incisions or anesthesia and is far less invasive than breast augmentation. Vampire breast lifts can:

Best of all, you’ll have younger, perkier breasts in as little as 30 minutes from procedure start to finish. This unique treatment option doesn’t cause significant discomfort and is safer than a traditional lift or implants. You can even return to your normal activities immediately afterward with full results visible within three months and lasting up to two full years.

Restorative Health is here to support you and help you look and feel your very best.

Contact us to get started.