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with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Natural Aesthetics Treatments

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Natural Treatments

Our ingredients are found in nature and are produced in your body. They’re both safe and effective – a smart choice for combating signs of aging.

Expert Physicians

Board-certified providers who specialize in hormone therapy, aesthetics, and whole-body health help you achieve your wellness goals.

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With five locations in the Midwest and the South, there’s likely a Restorative Health location near you.

At Restorative Health, we care and you matter.  It's that simple. 

98% of Restorative Health's patients say they are likely to recommend us to friends and family. That means a lot to us. You don't have to just take our work for it. See for yourself what some of them have to say:

Care. Respect. Expertise.

The founders of Restorative Health knew their bodies needed something, but realized traditional medical clinics couldn’t provide them with it. Restorative Health was born from necessity, to fill a wellness void that both men and women experience.

Invigorating hormone treatments and age-defying procedures help you get the most out of life. Our natural formulations, expert knowledge, and top-tier patient care make Restorative Health the next-best-thing to having your own fountain of youth

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormones replicate the molecular structure of naturally-produced hormones. Bioidentical hormone replacement can boost your energy, reduce unwanted symptoms of imbalance, and improve sexual performance, satisfaction, and stamina.

Feeling better is the first part of the Restorative Health mission.  We know that if you are feeling your best, then you will feel more empowered and prepared to take on the challenges of life.  

Schedule your free medical consultation with a hormone expert today!  

Female doctor putting fillers in man's forehead at Restorative Health

What is Medical Aesthetics?

Helping people look better is a core part of Restorative Health’s mission.  We are not interested in changing who you are though.  To us, we think you look great. Our focus is on helping slow and reverse the nagging signs of aging. 

If you are tired of looking tired.  If you want to see less lines, wrinkles, and sags when you look in the mirror, then we recommend scheduling a no-cost medical aesthetics consultation with the professionals at Restorative Health. 

Where does Restorative Health offer treatment?

Restorative Health offers bioidentical hormone replacement, anti-aging medicine, and aesthetics medicine in Gwinnett County, Georgia; (Columbus) Dublin, Ohio; Omaha, Nebraska; (Kansas City) Overland Park, Kansas