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The founders of Restorative Health knew their bodies needed something that was not available at their primary care doctor: Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Restorative Health has remained the leading provider of hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine, medical aesthetics, and medically-assisted weight loss for over a decade. That’s why thousands have chosen Restorative Health for their hormone health. 

Since its founding, Restorative Health has perfected the hormone replacement; mens clinic; and medical aesthetics; and weight loss protocols. 

Our decades of experience, learning, and refining have delivered exceptional results and patient outcomes for thousands of men and women, just like you.   

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Restorative Health has offices located throughout the South and Midwestern United States, our team is standing by to help you learn about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.  Restorative Health offers hormone replacement therapy in and near Overland Park, KansasKansas CityDublin, OhioColumbus, OhioOmaha, NebraskaNorth Gwinnett County, Georgia; and St. Louis.

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What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is an approach to hormone therapy that aims to restore hormonal balance in the body using hormones that are chemically identical to those naturally produced by the human body. These hormones, known as bioidentical hormones, are derived from plant sources and are carefully formulated to match the molecular structure of hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

What is the goal of bioidentical hormone replacment therapy?

The goal of BHRT is to alleviate the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances that occur naturally as we age or due to certain medical conditions. These imbalances can cause a range of symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, decreased libido, and cognitive issues. By replacing deficient hormones with bioidentical ones, BHRT aims to help individuals regain their vitality, improve overall well-being, and enhance their quality of life.

Are all hormone replacement modalities and types the same?

One of the key advantages of bioidentical hormones is their similarity to the hormones produced in the body. This similarity allows them to be easily recognized and utilized by the body’s hormone receptors, promoting a more natural and balanced hormonal state. Additionally, bioidentical hormones are typically customized to meet the specific needs of each individual, considering factors like hormone levels, symptoms, and overall health.

Why should I choose Restorative Health for bioidentical hormone replacement?

Remember, your health and well-being are of utmost importance, and it’s empowering to explore options that may help you feel your best. If you’re considering BHRT, take the time to have an open and honest discussion with a Restorative Health hormone expert during a no-cost initial hormone consultation.  

Our licensed professionals can guide you through the decision-making process, provide personalized advice, and monitor your progress. With the right support and care, you can embark on a journey toward hormonal balance and improved vitality.

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What is Medical Aesthetics?

Helping people look better is a core part of Restorative Health’s mission. Our focus is on helping slow and reverse the nagging signs of aging. 

If you are tired of looking tired.  If you want to see less lines, wrinkles, and sags when you look in the mirror, then we recommend scheduling a no-cost medical aesthetics consultation with the professionals at Restorative Health. 

What is the Men's Clinic?

At Restorative Health we offer a full complement of Men’s Clinic services. Whether you’re looking for treatments for Low-TEDMedically Assisted Weight Loss and other anti-aging services, we recommend scheduling a no-cost men’s clinic consultation today. 

We are the leading trusted name in providing trusted medical advice for men. Our experts will help you regain confidence, stamina, and performance in important aspects of your life. 

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Medical Weight Loss Semaglutide

What is Medically Assisted Weight Loss?

Restorative Health offers medically assisted weight loss therapies and treatments to help you achieve a healthy weight. If you’re seeking to lose 15-30 pounds then our powerful and effective weight loss program could be right for you. 

Restorative Health offers medically assisted weight loss via semaglutide and related therapies in a safe and effective protocol. Trust our licensed and certified medical professionals to help you achieve your goal weight. 

Where Does Restorative Health Offer Treatment?

Restorative Health has multiple locations throughout the United States. Restorative Health offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, medical aesthetics, medically assisted weight loss, and men’s clinic treatments in: Columbus, Ohio; Dublin, Ohio; Overland Park, Kansas; Kanas City, Kansas; Omaha, Nebraska; North Gwinnett County, Georgia; St. Louis, Missouri; Creve Coeur, Missouri; with more locations coming soon. 

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