Botox for Men

Wrinkle Treatments Near You

Your face tells the story of your life. The lines and wrinkles that form on it are records of all the grins, laughter, and frowns. But maybe you’d prefer to enjoy the memories in your head and present your best possible face to the world.

If that’s the case, Restorative Health can develop a cosmetic Botox treatment plan for you. Not only will the plan be backed by the expertise of our practice, but also by the world’s most popular, FDA-approved wrinkle treatment for frown lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines, and more.

The Best Treatment for Wrinkles on the Face

In the span of one appointment, we can design a Botox treatment plan just for your face and your goals. You’ll enjoy quickly-developing results that last months between treatments.

Botox injections halt your fine facial muscles and prevent them from contracting, reducing the appearance of:

Most men are concerned only with correcting fine lines and wrinkles, but perhaps you’re not like most men. If you’re looking for additional cosmetic treatments, you’ll be pleased to learn that our injectables also can achieve:

Botox Eyebrow Lift

Normally to get an eyebrow lift or eye lift, you’d need to undergo plastic surgery, which involves incisions, stitches, and anesthesia.

Our injectables remove lines and wrinkles on your forehead and lift sagging eyebrows. The result is an eye that appears more open and inviting. For some people with severe eye hood sagging, Botox can help improve vision by widening the eye’s view to the world!

Gummy Smile Correction

If your upper gums show above your teeth when you smile, then you have a “gummy smile.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but many people don’t like theirs.

This Botox lip treatment targets the fine muscles above your upper lip, causing them to relax. Afterward, when you smile, your upper lip covers a greater portion of your gums, highlighting your pearly whites.

Book a Wrinkle Treatment Consultation

Every Botox patient at Restorative Health receives their own custom treatment plan that addresses the changes they want to see in their face, lips, and eyes. You can even begin your treatment the very same day, in as little as 10 minutes. That’s enough time to stop by our office on your lunch break and still have moments to spare to indulge in a meal away from your desk.

To maintain your results, we recommend that men return every three to four months for their next treatment.