Hair Regrowth at Restorative Health

At Restorative Health, we have decades of experience and countless hours of advanced training in hair regrowth?  Is a thinning head of hair causing you to feel like you don’t look your best?  Restorative Health is here for you. 

Red Light Therapy for Hair Regrowth

Hair Loss Remedy

When used in combination with proper care an supplements, a red light therapy, using a laser hair cap, can be a great way to stimulate hair regrowth.  Contact Restorative Health today to order yours! 

Restorative Health is a great source for red light therapy equipment to help you stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth. 

Men and Women Experience Hair Loss

Hair loss impacts millions of men each year.  According to published research, 16% of men aged 18-29 and over 53% of men aged 40-49 are impacted by male pattern baldness.  Current research shows that this condition is more common than all previous research may have estimated.  

Hair Loss and Restoration
Women's Hair Loss

Women may also experience hair loss.  While men are commonly thought of as the only ones experiencing hair loss, that’s simply not true.  

Over one-third of all women will experience noticeable hair loss in their lives. 

Hair Grows in Cycles

Each follicle of hair has a life cycle.  The full growth cycle for a single strand of hair is: anagen, catagen, and telogen.  Every hair on your head goes through this cycle.  Most hair will grow at a rate of approximately six inches per year. 

Hair loss naturally occurs.  In fact, the average adult is losing over 2% of their hair per month. In order to encourage a fuller head of hair, our goal is to keep your hair out of dormant cycles.

Main Causes of Hair Loss

At Restorative Health we believe it is important to know why you may be losing your hair.  There are plenty of myths around hair loss.  Thankfully, we have decades of experience in helping people understand and overcome different types of hair loss. 

Influences that may accelerate hair loss: Hormonal Imbalance, Genetics, Drug Use / Abuse, Illnesses, Lifestyle / Stress, Diet, etc.

Type of Hair Loss
Available Treatment

Our Approach

Like most of our treatment options, we always like to start with natural treatments, when possible.

We will use our decades of expertise to help your body regenerate your more youthful hairline. 

Restorative Health uses a layered approach to providing real solutions that work. We are able to deliver results, because our training and our experience has made us experts in the field of hair regrowth.  We know that it takes many stages to get you the results you want.  In order to best decided what treatment option is right for you, please, schedule a hair restoration consultation today.

We have a variety of treatment options available.  Our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that works for your needs. 

Want to Learn More?

We encourage you to call us at (833) 316-8378 to speak with a member of our Care Team to discuss treatment options.  Did you have any specific questions?  If so, feel free to write us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.