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Treatable Erectile Dysfunction

Thousands of men turn to Restorative Health Men’s Clinic every year to find real solutions to issues with sexual health and well-being.  

Our care team is dedicated to delivering compassionate, professional, and confidential treatment.

We Deliver Real Results That Last

Our Board Certified providers are dedicated to providing effective treatment methods for erectile dysfunction.  We start by properly diagnosing the cause of erectile dysfunction –not just treating the symptom. 

We will help you understand why your performance isn’t what it used to be and how we can work to get you back to your former self.

During Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy a practitioner will use specialized medical equipment to deliver carefully administrated shockwaves to trigger cellular repair.  This process sends signals the body’s natural immune response.  The triggered collagen regeneration will naturally restore your ability to achieve a full erection. 


We have natural treatment options that, using your body’s own natural healing and cellular regeneration abilities, can add length, girth, and erectile performance. 

Find out more about the P-Shot by scheduling a free medical consultation today.

Medical interventions are available to help men restore erectile performance and sexual health. 

Restorative Health has several treatment options including prescription medications, injectables, and testosterone enhancing procedures that can help restore your more youthful performance.

Science Behind Our Methods

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Low-T Treatment Options

Low Testosterone is a condition that impacts as many as 1-in-3 men ages 40-79.  You aren’t alone.  Having testosterone levels decline can seriously decrease your quality of life. 


We take these issues seriously – because we know how important they are.

Common Low-T Symptoms: decreased stamina, low libido, mental fog, weight gain, loss of interest in activities, and low energy. 
Regain Your Connection
Men undergoing testosterone therapy report improved personal relations.
Regain Your Energy
Testosterone therapy patients report improved physical stamina.
Regain Your Family
After testosterone therapy, men report feeling a renewed sense of what's important.

Getting Started with Restorative Health Men's Clinic

Restorative Health is happy to schedule a no-cost medical consultation to meet with a dedicated and compassionate member of our care team. 

During your consultation we will discuss the available treatment options and help you decide which may be right for you.  We look forward to helping you start your journey to finding your more youthful self.

A comprehensive lab panel is a critical part of properly diagnosing and treating the cause of your symptoms.  

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