Men: What is a Healthy Testosterone Level?

We have all seen the commercials for testosterone boosters and therapy programs.  Have you ever wondered what a HEALTHY TESTOSTERONE LEVEL is? 

When a boy reaches approximately 7-10 years of age he should have total testosterone of approximately 1.8 to 5.68 ng/dL.


Early Teens

Younger teens will have testosterone levels that begin to spike as high as 800 ng/dL.

By the time a teen reaches 14-17 he should see testosterone levels from 208.09 – 496.58 ng/dL. From 17 to 18 levels will peak at between 300 and 1,200 ng/dL.

Late Teens


Men who are over the age of 18 will have normal testosterone levels between 265 and 923  ng/dL.

If you are an adult male who is experiencing symptoms of low testosterone Restorative Health may be able to help.

We have decades of experience.  

Decreased Energy? 

Difficulty Concentrating? 

Loss of Muscle Mass / Tone? 

Low Libido? 


The main question is, where are your testosterone levels.  If you are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance then testosterone therapy or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be for you. 

After you are able to get your labwork down, one of our board certified providers will work with you to determine if your symptoms may be caused by low testosterone. 

Restorative Health has been helping men find their levels and see improvements in their quality of life since 2010.  If you are ready to check YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVELS, schedule a FREE medical consultation with Restorative Health today. 

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