You Need Water to Maintain Health

Water – it’s refreshing.  We cannot live without it.  Did you know that water consumption is also crucial for hormonal balance, keeping your skin looking healthy, and weight loss?

Let’s talk for a minute about how much water you should drink each day.  Then, let’s compare that to how much you’re really drinking.

Benefits of Water

Improved Energy

Younger Looking Skin

Mental Clarity 

Weight Loss

Fewer Headaches 

Improved Hormonal Balance

Reduced Constipation

Flushes Toxins 

Carries Nutrients and Vitamins Throughout Body

Cardiovascular Health

Reduced Joint Wear and Pain

Much Much More…


How Much Water Should You Drink?

Research is indisputable – we all need to drink water every day. How much is the right amount?  Restorative Health recommends that the average healthy adult consume around six cups per day.  That’s around 48 fluid ounces.  

Does Soda, Beer, and Wine Count?

Surprisingly, yes.  All drinks that contain water do count toward your recommended daily intake of water.  However, we recommend that you limit or avoid sugary drinks.  It’s not that these drinks do not contain water – they do.  Our body simply has to process all the extra ingredients in those drinks.  Many of those ingredients are not ones we recommend. 

How Much Water Do YOU Drink?

Do you drink enough water?  Could you look, feel, and live better?