Medical Aesthetics at Restorative Health

At Restorative Health, we have a three part mission.  We want to help our patients feel better, look better, and live better.  Thanks to our cutting-edge treatment protocols, thousands of Restorative Health patients are feeling better.  With restored hormonal balance, our patients feel like their more youthful selves. 

Our Medical Aesthetics services are key to fulfilling the second part of that mission.  We love helping our patients look like the best version of self.  Our Board Certified Medical Aesthetics providers have dedicated their lives to developing treatment plans for their patients that help take years off. 

Medical Aesthetics Crows Feet

If you are ready to reduce crow’s feet, eliminate lines, and reduce signs of aging, then it’s time to schedule a no-cost medical aesthetics consultation with Restorative Health. 

Our care team will work tirelessly to erase years from your look.  Restorative Health’s treatment plans are not designed to produce radical changes.  Instead, we focus on expertly reducing signs of aging – restoring your natural beauty. 

Schedule a consultation today to discuss how Platelet Rich Plasma treatment may help your skin achieve a youthful and refreshed look that you thought was decades out of reach. 

PRP Treatment anti-aging

Services and Products

Our Board Certified Providers are expert injectors.  We offer a variety of services that are designed to help you look your very best. 

PDO Threading


Laser Hair Reduction

Anti-aging Skin Treatments

Vampire Facials

Vampire Face Lifts

Restorative Health is proud to partner with Allergan.  As Allē partners, our patients are eligible for the best pricing for the best aesthetics products on the market. 

Medical Aesthetics Membership

Restorative Health also offers an amazing Medical Aesthetics Membership.  This incredible program gets you access to deep discounts, while delivering the expertise of our Board Certified providers. If you purchase your Membership online from this post, we will offer you $25 off your first year!   All you have to do is submit the form on the Membership page, and our team will handle the rest!