Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Treatment for Men at Restorative Health

For some men, hormone imbalance is a relatively new problem, but for others, it’s an ongoing issue. In a traditional health clinic, your doctor might dismiss these vitality and libido changes as age-related and encourage you to accept them.

Restorative Health, however, focuses on addressing these problems that a hormone imbalance can cause for men. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have the energy and sex drive of your more youthful years as when you achieve “silver fox” status.

Age-Related Changes to Male Hormones

With age, the hormone levels in your body change, which affects how your body functions. For most men, this is a result of a gradual decline of testosterone, starting at age 30.

Over the years, your body produces less and less testosterone, with most men officially becoming testosterone deficient by age 60, although it commonly occurs much sooner than this. The hormones cortisol, insulin, and thyroid also can change as you age, putting your body even further out of whack.

The Four Types of Hormone Imbalance in Men


Low testosterone levels cause what is known as “male menopause.”

Adrenal fatigue

Low levels of cortisol, your stress hormone, leads to adrenal fatigue.


An underactive thyroid gland leads to low production of thyroid hormone.


An overactive thyroid gland increases your metabolism and produces high levels of thyroid hormone.

Your Custom Hormone Replacement Plan

During bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), your doctor will perform an initial blood test to determine whether you’re a good candidate. If you are, then you’ll receive a pellet implant, topical preparation, or oral supplements to help you find your optimum balance of hormones.

BHRT uses hormones derived from plants, which are more body-friendly than those from animals. These plant hormones have the same molecular structure as those your body produces.

Your hormone doctor at Restorative Health will create a customized hormone replacement treatment just for you and your body chemistry to get the results you’re looking for, like:

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