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A Women’s Hormone Clinic Can Help You Feel More Like Yourself

When you think of hormone therapy for sexual libido, you likely think of men receiving testosterone shots to enhance their performance and overcome a hormone imbalance. And when you think of women’s hormone replacement therapy, you likely think of estrogen replacement during menopause, to help stave off hot flashes and night sweats.

But you also should be thinking about bioidentical hormone therapy for women that boosts sexual desire and makes intimacy more enjoyable. And while you likely won’t be receiving a testosterone shot for women, there are a variety of therapies available that balance the hormones your body naturally produces so that you see results.

Restorative Health, with hormone clinic locations near Atlanta, Georgia; Omaha, Nebraska; Kansas City, KS; St. Louis, Missouri, and Columbus, Ohio, aims to restore women’s health and vitality through our cutting-edge treatments and therapies.

Bioidentical Hormones

Women have more than 50 types of hormone replacement therapy available to them, but not all of them will help you meet your lifestyle goals and relieve your symptoms. Your medical provider at Restorative Health will determine the right formulation and dosage that is best for you and your body.

At Restorative Health, we exclusively use bioidentical hormones because we believe they are more effective and kinder to your body than synthetic ones. These hormones are derived from plant matter, not other animals’ tissues.

Synthetic hormones have only a similar molecular structure to those your body naturally produces, whereas bioidentical ones have the same structure. Because of this, synthetic hormones can cause unwanted effects in some women, and you won’t know whether you’re included in that group until you’ve used these hormones.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is available with both estradiol (a form of estrogen your body produces) and progesterone, and can be taken orally, transdermally (under your skin), or via a topical cream or vaginal insert. Your doctor will discuss with you which will work best for you, and which you’ll be most comfortable using.

Intimacy-Enhancing Women’s Hormone Therapy

You already know that hormone therapy for women can help relieve uncomfortable menopause symptoms, which include pesky night sweats and hot flashes, poor sleep quality, psychological changes, and risk of developing osteoporosis.

But menopause also causes bothersome vaginal dryness. For some women, this makes it difficult to be intimate with their partners (and generally uncomfortable during daily life). Add atrophy of the nerve-filled clitoris to the list of menopause side effects, and the pleasures of sex can be reduced down to nearly nothing.

On top of these internalized symptoms, women also may face external symptoms, like an overgrowth of unwanted facial hair. For women who aren’t used to having it, it can cause confidence to plummet, taking intimacy off the table. When women don’t feel good about themselves, they often are not interested in sex with their partners.

Thankfully, certain hormone replacement therapies have been shown to boost sexual interest in post-menopausal women (and can help overcome the other symptoms, too). In fact, a Canadian study showed that 44 percent of women experienced an increase in sex drive while receiving a hormone therapy containing both estrogen and progesterone. Similar hormone therapies can alleviate menopause symptoms for women actively going through “the change” as well.

Are estrogen and progesterone not exactly what you need? Are you unsure about a transdermal implant or a vaginal suppository and how to use them? There’s no need to worry! Because you receive hormone replacement therapy for women from trained and licensed medical providers at Restorative Health, they’ll ensure your dosage and formulation is right for you and that you’re comfortable with your treatment. And while it may require slight tweaks over time to get it just right, once it is, you’ll reap the benefits.

Need More Treatment? Try an O-Shot!

Many women who seek hormone replacement therapy also are interested in an O-Shot from Restorative Health. This treatment also helps decrease vaginal dryness, while improving urinary incontinence symptoms and boosting libido.

Women who receive the O-Shot, a vaginal injection, can experience greater sexual pleasure, stronger and more frequent orgasms, and better natural lubrication. Our physicians and medical practitioners will help you feel as comfortable as possible while you receive this groundbreaking treatment that lasts for months and often begins working immediately. Book an O-Shot consultation today.

Get Hormone Therapy for Women at Restorative Health

When you’re looking for a women’s hormone clinic where you feel comfortable and cared for, be sure to call Restorative Health!

Our licensed medical providers are experts in hormone replacement therapy and will help you resolve your hormone-related symptoms by striking a balance with bioidentical hormones.

Increase your libido, banish menopause symptoms, and feel more energized, thanks to Restorative Health. It’s like visiting the Fountain of Youth.

Contact your nearby Restorative Health location to learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women.



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