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Check Your Hormone Levels:
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Checking your hormone levels is a crucial part of getting the whole picture of hormone health.  If you have noticed signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance creeping in, then it’s time to make an appointment with Restorative Health to get your labs checked.  Our team will run a comprehensive lab panel and have a licensed medical professional review the results.  A hormone expert will then design a personalized treatment plan to fit your goals and lifestyle.  

How long does it take to check hormone levels?

We frequently get asked how long it takes to get lab results.  When our team is able to meet with you and conduct your lab draw, you can expect to have your lab results within 3 – 5 business days.  

We make getting your lab results easy and confidential. 

Once our team is able to review your hormone lab panel, medical history, and your goals, a licensed medical professional and hormone expert will recommend a personalized hormone replacement therapy treatment program.  There is NO additional cost for a full review by a licensed hormone expert.

Where can I get my hormone labs?

Restorative Health has offices in Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Nebraska.  If you’re in Omaha and looking to get your hormone labs, you should contact Restorative Health.  Our hormone experts in Overland Park would love to meet with you to develop a treatment plan.  Anyone in or near Columbus looking for a hormone doctor should contact Restorative Health. 

Are hormone labs accurate?

Our hormone experts rely on a comprehensive lab panel and leading edge medical protocols.  We are committed to delivering exceptional standards of care and treatment to our patients.  Our partners at LabCorp are industry leaders – helping us achieve our goal of industry leading care. 



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