Wave Therapy for ED

Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Wave Therapy: Safe and Effective
ED Treatment

Wave Therapy ED

Wave Therapy – or LI-ESWT – is a proven treatment that safely and effectively helps men overcome erectile dysfunction.  At Restorative Health, our team has embraced this incredible treatment option because of the reported successes found in research and our own patient outcomes.  

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that impacts the strength and duration of penile erection in men.  This can have a negative impact on a man’s quality of life and strain on his personal relationships. These are real issues that impact over half of all men in the United States.

When you’re ready to regain the strength, length, and duration of your erections then it’s time to schedule a Restorative Health Men’s Clinic Consultation

Our team will work with you to develop an effective and confidential erectile dysfunction treatment plan. 

Shockwave ED Treatment

How Does This Therapy Work?

Wave Therapy at Restorative Health is an in-office procedure performed over a series of visits.  Our specially trained men’s clinic practitioners will use a specialized shockwave device to breakup blockages and encourage cellular regeneration of the penile tissues. 

Wave Therapy

When blood is able to more freely flow to the penile tissues, a man is able to experience a fuller and longer lasting erection.  

This can also result in marginal increases in penis length and girth. 

Do Results Last?

Wave therapy is a lasting treatment for erectile dysfunction.  While repeat sessions will likely be appropriate, these will be scheduled in coordination with your practitioner. You and your practitioner will work closely to develop a plan that provides real and effective results that will last. 

How Do You Get Started with Wave Therapy?

If you’re ready to overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  If you’re ready to restore your full function and performance, then schedule a consultation today.



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