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Whether you have seen our commercials on television,  heard about us on the radio, or found us online, on thing is certain –  we hope you’re familiar with the online hormone test.

It’s a simple way to get started with your hormone replacement therapy journey.

This Year We Celebrated Over 5000
Online Hormone Tests Taken

Our team has worked tirelessly to enhance the online hormone test, and turn it into the premier way to help decide if an initial hormone consultation is right for you. 

The test evaluates a number of self-reported factors in helping determine if you’re a possible candidate for treatment

Our system scores your input values to help our team decide how likely you are to benefit from one of our available treatment protocols. We value your time, and only want to ask you to come in if we believe that we have a good chance of helping you feel, look, and live better.

online hormone test

Why Do People Take The Test?

Of course, everyone has his or her own reason for taking the test. One thing that we understand is that every person’s hormone health journey is unique.  Many people experience hormonal decline differently.  However, there are some pretty consistent themes.  

Brain fog, fatigue, low energy, hot flashes, and weight gain are leading symptoms that lead people to submitting their online hormone test. 

The great news: If you’re experience symptoms of hormonal imbalance,  Restorative Health has solutions.

We recommend taking the online hormone test today, and scheduling a consultation



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