Weight Loss Overeating

Don't Let Triggers Undermine Your
Weight Loss Goals

You start off strong.  You wake up, make a healthy and balanced breakfast.  You limit your sugar and carbs all day.  Then, you get a phone call.  Your boss tells you that you need to clear your schedule next week, to train that new employee… you know.. the one who just graduated and thinks they know everything? 

You’ve had about all you can take at this point.  On the way home traffic gets backed up, and you know this just added an extra half-hour to your commute.  

There – off to your right – your old pal… you know, the one with the green mermaid… or maybe those golden arches.

Temptation Is All Around Us

American’s have more convenience choices than ever before.  Unfortunately, a lot of these temptations are also some of the unhealthiest options. 

At Restorative Health, we want you to achieve your weight loss goals.  Part of that is learning about these outside influence that can trigger us to eat.. and overeat. 

What Are Your Food Triggers?

Think about the things that happen before you find yourself elbow deep into that bag of cheese puffs.  Are there things that seem to more consistently happen right before you binge on unhealthy options?  Common triggers can be: anxiety, positive and / or negative moods, boredom, hunger, etc. 


Restorative Health wants you to become a "restrained eater."  

Restrained eaters aren’t super humans… in fact, we believe that you can be a restrained eater too. 

What Restorative Health wants to help you do is to better understand yourself and be more aware of what has led you to fall short of your goals in the past.


A restrained eater is just someone who feels empowered to think about the foods he or she is eating… and importantly why he or she is eating them. 

To help you better understand what you’re eating, Restorative Health is proud to offer a FREE food journal.  We also are happy to recommend several food logging applications (many are free) to help you with your weight loss journey. 



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