Restorative Health has Made Hormone Testing so Easy

...waiting really doesn't make sense anymore.

Restorative Health has been committed to improving quality of life through hormone health for over a decade.  Our experienced clinicians have over 200 years of combined practice experience.

That is one reason why Restorative Health is known for making hormone testing so darned easy.  

Our team understood from day one that when it comes to hormones, most people have more questions than they have answers

Restorative Health delivered the solution –  the Online Hormone Test. 

This simple online experience is a convenient and safe way to discover whether HRT may be right for you.

We Haven't Forgotten our Roots

Of course, we know that the online experience is only the beginning.  At Restorative Health, we still believe in a quality experience when it comes to medical care.  That’s why we think it’s important to that your initial hormone consultation has no out of pocket cost. 

This is a chance to sit-down and be heard.

Each week Restorative Health receives compliments from people who are just starting their journey toward feeling, looking, and living better.  After their initial consultation, men and women tell us how relieving it was to feel valued… to have someone listen… sometimes for the very first time… at the impact of hormonal imbalance on their quality of life.  

The initial consultation with Restorative Health is about establishing support in your hormone journey… and importantly, restoring hope

It Really Is That Simple

We are proud of what we do here at Restorative Health.  Our team gets so much joy from watching our patients regain confidence and control

When a member of Restorative Health’s team tells you that we are committed to helping you discover what it feels like to live better – we mean it. 

You Can Start Today

If you haven’t already, please, take the Online Hormone Test.  Our team wants to help you along your journey toward feeling better, looking better, and living better. 



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