Rekindle Your Relationship

Thousands of Restorative Health’s patients have reported a new lease on their relationships after starting Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.  When you have hormonal balance, you may find that you have more energy, more motivation, and increased libido.    

Hormone Replacement Therapy Relationship

You are not alone.  During the hundreds of initial medical consultations we offer each month, Restorative Health hears heartbreaking tales of estranged couples – once inseparable and now adrift.  

As women enter menopause or perimenopause, we lose motivation.  Our sex-drive is reduced and our moods are unstable. We put on an extra 20 pounds and lack the energy to workout consistently enough to get them back off.  

Suddenly, it seems like our husbands are no longer attracted to us.  

In the occasion we crave intimacy with our parter, he cannot get or stay aroused. We are convinced that he no longer finds us attractive.  This situation often spirals, and before we know it, we are sleeping in separate rooms.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can change this story.  

Please, meet with a dedicated member of our care team. Schedule a no-cost medical consultation.  At your consultation, will explain available treatment options that can help you improve your energy levels; help you get that bounce back in your step; and can help jumpstart your weight-loss.

Restorative Health, we also have a full men’s clinic.  

In all likelihood, your partner still finds you just as attractive as he always did.  We can help treat low-t and ED issues that may be interfering with your relationship.  Our board certified providers can help your partner regain his confidence and bring you both closer together.

Have you taken the Online Hormone Test yet?  We recommend taking this important first step.  Taking the Online Hormone Test will give our care team an opportunity to learn about the symptoms of hormonal imbalance that most concern you.

Get started with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy today.



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