Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation

Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultations at Restorative Health:
A Chance to be Heard

At Restorative Health, we love helping people.  Our goal is to help as many people as possible feel better, look better, and live better. For most of our patients, that starts with taking the Online Hormone Test

After speaking with a member of our team, our patients schedule an initial hormone replacement therapy consultation. 

Our hormone replacement therapy consultation is not a sales presentation. 

Your consultation is a chance for us to listen

Your consultation is a chance for our team to better understand you, the symptoms you’re experiencing, and your goals

From there, we will discuss available treatment options and how we can work with you to start your journey. 

We do not charge anything for our initial consultation. We think that you deserve the opportunity to get answers to your questions, without paying out of pocket. 

Most importantly, we want to make sure you feel heard and confident  that Restorative Health is the right place for your treatment. 

Our care team is filled to people who have dedicated their lives to helping patients regain confidence, drive, and energy

Our team loves knowing that we are making a real difference in people’s real lives.

Should You Schedule a Consultation?

If you are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance you should not hesitate to take the online hormone test and schedule a consultation with Restorative Health. 

The most common symptoms reported to Restorative Health are: fatigue, brain fog, lack of sexual desire, hot flashes, weight gain, decreased exercise tolerance, and more. 

If you are experiencing these or other hormone-related symptoms, contact Restorative Health today. 



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