Meet the Provider: Angela Carosella, NP

Who is Anegla Carosella?

Angela Carosella is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner.  She has been with Restorative Health since 2021.  From a young age, Angela knew that she wanted to help people.  When she was in junior high and high school, she developed a keen interest in biology.  Angela attended Nebraska Methodist, where she obtained a BS in nursing.   During her undergraduate studies, Angela really enjoyed the hands-on clinicals.  As a self-described nerd, she found anatomy and physiology to be the most interesting courses.

What are Angela's Credentials?

After graduating with her BS, Angela went on to study at Creighton University.  She is admittedly the only Creighton fan in her family – but she doesn’t let that stop her.   

She really enjoyed her time at Creighton.  She became very attached to the school.  She worked at the Creighton University Medical Center, while attending.  She appreciated that Creighton UMC was uniquely positions to serve a great community. Angela graduated Creighton University, earning her Masters Degree in Nursing.  With this degree, Angela was qualified to earn licensure as a Nurse Practitioner.  

However, Angela decided to also obtain Board Certification – demonstrating mastery and proficiency in her field. 

How does Angela view her role as a caregiver?

During her time at Creighton, Angela realized the importance of helping people make healthier lifestyle choices.  According to Angela, her time with the cardio unit at Creighton helped her to better understand how the choices we make every day can impact our health.


She is also aware of the fact that her role as a caregiver is to understand the goals of the patient and help the patient make healthy decisions for him or herself.   Angela knows that every person who walks into her office has their own unique set of challenges and circumstances.  She enjoys getting to know her patients and making them part of the care team.

What does Angela say about working for Restorative Health

Angela’s credentials and experience qualified her to work practically anywhere.  However, she chose to work for Restorative Health.  Angela chose to work at Restorative Health because she wanted to be part of an elite care team with experience in the industry and a reputation for excellent patient care.  When making her decision, she knew that she would be joining one of the first practices to bring aesthetic, hormone, and other functional medicine areas under one roof, in the Omaha area.

She has enjoyed working with what she describes as a, “[T]eam dedicated to helping our patients achieve their goals.” 

What does Angela think a new patient consider prior to seeking treatment?

Angela wants new patients to “Think about this… write down all of your questions on a piece of paper… and please email [your questions].”  She knows that getting answers is an important part of this process. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” is the key thing Angela wants to tell you.

She wants you to know that everyone is in a different life stage and there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Not every treatment option will be right for every person – that’s okay.  At Restorative Health, we pride ourselves on taking time with our patients.  In fact, that’s one of the reasons Angela enjoys being part of this team – she gets to spend time getting to know her patients, their goals, and how Restorative Health can help.




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