Meet the Provider: Ferrina Sheth PA-C

Who is Ferrina Sheth?

Ferrina Sheth PA-C is a board certified Physician Assistant and a member of the treatment team for Restorative Health. According to Ferrina, she was told that her role as a medical professional was practically assigned to her at birth. Ferrina’s mother practiced nursing and was likely a heavy influence on her career choice. 

Ferrina attended PA School at Bethel University and afterwards went on to become Board Certified. Ferrina described PA school as “like drinking water from a firehose.” She became very close with her cohorts and developed a great deal of respect for the faculty at Bethel. Ferrina learned early on about the importance of relationships in the practice of medicine. 

What are Ferrina’s Credentials?

Being Board Certified means that Ferrina has proven her level of expertise beyond the minimum requirements to be a PA

Ferrina has over 2,000 hours of advanced training.

Ferrina takes great pride in her role as a caregiver. She takes such joy when talking about the impact that her care has on the lives of her patients. For Ferrina, it is really all about the patient and seeing improvements in the quality of their lives. 

When asked about how many patients she has helped, Ferrina estimated that she has had over 40,000 patient interactions over her career.

Ferrina has so many stories of patients she has helped. Frequently she sees tears of joy streaming down the face of her patients when they recount how she has helped them regain the confidence they need to face the day. 

 Ferrina’s patients come from all walks of life. Whether they command a boardroom, teach in a classroom, or help maintain our streets and sewers, all of her patients deserve the best possible care.

What does Ferrina say about deciding where to seek treatment?

Ferrina recommends that any prospective new patient ask how often a provider attends continuing education. 

She wants patients to know that medicine in constantly evolving, and standards of care change as new studies are conducted. That’s one of the reasons Ferrina has a passion for working at Restorative Health. She knows that she is constantly learning new techniques from our Medical Director, Dr. Jim Staheli.

Ferrina also respects how the owners of Restorative Health give such deference to the medical expertise of the providers. She feels free to practice and take time getting to know the needs of her patients. Ferrina knows that in today’s world of corporate medicine, this is special.

How can I learn more about Ferrina?

Restorative Health is proud to have Ferrina on staff. Any questions can be forwarded to



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