Sleep Apnea Hormones

Sleep Apnea and Hormonal Imbalance

Have you heard of sleep apnea?  Did you know that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help?

Sleep is important.   We can all pretty much agree on that.  Sleep allows our body to recharge and repair itself.  Without sleep our emotions are negatively impacted. Our physical health (particularly cardiovascular) is known to improve when sleep quality and quantity is improved. 


Sleep apnea impacts as much as 4% of adults in the United States.  

Persons experiencing this disorder will have repeated periods of obstructed and disturbed breathing during sleep.  These disturbances can have a severe negative impact on the quality and quantity of sleep – for you and your partner.


At Restorative Health, we believe that by removing the hormonal imbalances you may be experiencing, we can help you achieve a reduction in the severity of sleep disturbances and disrupted breathing. 

Research has shown improvements as great as 75% in patients experiencing sleep apnea  after undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

Studies are now showing that sleep apnea is correlated with hormonal imbalance.  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be just what you need to get back to a restful and fulfilling night of sleep.  

Restorative Health has decades of experience in helping people look and feel their very best.  Because we care so much about our patients, we love knowing that we can have such a positive impact on something like sleep.  Would you like to get a better night’s sleep?  

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