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Ever Wonder Why Restorative Health has an Online Hormone Test?

The Online Hormone Test was pioneered by Restorative Health.  You hear in on our commercials… “Go to”.  Surely you have wondered – what could I possibly learn from an online test?  

Every year, thousands of people navigate to and take our Online Hormone Test.

Those thousands have taken the first step to getting answers to those nagging questions. 

Do you wonder why you’re experiencing hot flashes?  Do you wonder why you don’t have the energy you used to?  Can’t figure out why your mood just won’t stabilize? 

Our care team worked tirelessly to figure out the best way to help figure out who are the best candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  

We worked to identify the symptoms that most concern our patients, and which symptoms we are best able to treat with the treatment options we have available. 

The Online Hormone Test is built on our decades of experience in providing relief to the symptoms of hormonal imbalance

Restorative Health built the Online Hormone Test to be the best available tool for our Care Team to make accurate and timely recommendations and to provide you with the information that you deserve. 



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