Testosterone Replacement Safety

Have You Wondered About Testosterone Replacement Safety?

Testosterone Replacement is one of the most popular therapies for men at Restorative Health. We have helped thousands of men overcome the symptoms of low-t.  One of the most common questions our team answers is: “Is TRT safe for me?”  

"This has provided the closest thing we have to a definitive answer about cardiovascular risk and testosterone therapy,"

Restorative Health is thrilled to report a study recently published that has concluded what our staff has demonstrated for over a decade. 

When properly supervised and administered, scientists have reliably shown that testosterone replacement therapy is both safe and effective

The Protocols at Restorative Health
Protect Your Health

Testosterone Replacement Therapy must not be administered without proper follow up and confirmation lab-work.  Many fly-by-night clinics will promise you the moon and place your health and well-being at risk in the process. Restorative Health places a premium on making sure that you are a qualified candidate for treatment and taking appropriate steps to make sure that your body is responding appropriately to therapy. 

You Can Trust Restorative Health With Your Health

Our hormone experts have been doing this for years. We know how to deliver exceptional care and treatment. That’s why we recommend scheduling a hormone consultation with our team. If you’re ready to put an end to the symptoms of low testosterone, then now is the time to schedule with us. 



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