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Pellet Therapy:
Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy

Restorative Health has Board Certified providers and practitioners who have dedicated their lives to functional medicine.  With their decades of experience, our providers trust pellet therapy.  

One of the most commonly prescribed therapies to treat symptoms of hormonal imbalance is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  

Consistent Hormone Levels

We know that the symptoms you experience vary.  Some days you feel more lethargic than others.  Your sex drive might improve on a day when you’re slammed at work – and vanish when the time is right.



This variation can be frustrating.  That’s why our goal is hormone level optimization. 

Some treatment options can exacerbate this problem by causing spikes in major hormone levels that quickly taper.  

Pellet therapy results in a more consistent delivery. Restorative Health patients often report feeling a more consistent energy level, better focus throughout the treatment cycle, improved sexual function on their terms, and many other benefits. 

In-Office and Minimally Invasive

Life is busy.  In fact, a lot of the cause of hormonal imbalance may be attributable to the stresses we face every day.  We have careers to consider.  Kids to get care for.  Homes to organize.  We know you don’t have hours to spend coming to our office every few weeks.

That’s why Restorative Health builds an individualized treatment plan designed around minimal scheduled office visits for labs and implants.  

Implants take place right in our office.  You’ll be in and out in time to make that next meeting or appointment.  No down time.  No wasted time

Before you leave, a friendly member of our care team will work with you to schedule your next visit.

98% Identical - Natural - Safe

Restorative Health painstakingly sources our pellets from compounding pharmacies that adhere to strict standards for quality, safety, and efficacy.  


Not all compounding pharmacies are equal.  Not all pellets are equal.  

Our medical director is a leading expert in the field of functional medicine and hormone replacement therapy. 

The pellets used at Restorative Health have been thoroughly vetted and are trusted by thousands. 

Getting Started with BHRT

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a safe and effective way to get back to feeling like your old self.  It’s important to remember that BHRT is not a magic pill.  It’s not for everyone.  That’s why Restorative Heath wants to meet with you to discuss available treatments; how we can work together to improve your quality of life; and how to make treatment affordable. 

Free BHRT Medical Consultation



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