Samantha Young

Meet the Provider: Samantha Young, NP

            Samantha Young, NP is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who has been with Restorative Health since 2018.  Originally, she obtained her degree in social work, with an emphasis in gerontology, from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Soon, Samantha realized that she wanted to turn her passion for helping others in a different direction.  That’s when she decided to attend nursing school at Clarkson College in Omaha, Nebraska.  Samantha obtained a bachelor’s in nursing sciences and a master’s in nursing sciences from Clarkston. 


            Nursing school was an important milestone for Samantha.  She understood the importance of the rigorous training.  Nursing, she believes, is a role where people’s lives are literally in your hands.  People trust their nurses to know how to deliver expert levels of care and treatment.  That is why Samantha took her course load very seriously and never underestimated the importance of each class.


            For Samantha, school was an important means to an even more important end.  The most important thing to her was getting the training and experience she needed to get back to helping people.  She has always known she wanted to work with people – helping them solve problems and finding their way toward being the best and most healthy version of themselves.  To Samantha, her background in social work has not gone unused.  She describes her role as that of provider and part time counselor.  Often her patients have walked out of her office feeling like the world has been lifted off their shoulders. 


            The ability to spend time with her patients is her favorite part about working with Restorative Health.  Since she started with the practice in 2018, she has developed lasting relationships with her patient base.  She takes pride in knowing what’s going on in their lives, and loves how she never feels rushed out of the exam room and into the next appointment.  Restorative Health empowers her to spend time getting to know her patients so she can deliver the care they deserve.  Samantha believes that sometimes providers miss important parts of making treatment recommendations, because they are not afforded time with their patients.


            Samantha does a great job of delivering that care.  Her extensive training (over 100 hours of advanced and continuing education) and experience has allowed her to treat hundreds of patients – patients whose lives, she hopes, have been changed for the better.


            If you are considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, She recommends that you ask about the dosing and lab process.  So many providers attempt to dose without regularly performing lab draw. That’s concerning to Samantha, and that’s why Restorative Health performs lab work prior to each treatment session – to make sure that you are being properly dosed.


          Samantha would love to continue to add to her patient base.  She welcomes you to schedule a medical consultation with Restorative Health.  If you have any questions for Samantha, or would like to learn more, feel free to reach out at



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