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How Hormone Therapy at Restorative Health Can Reinvigorate You

Aging is a perfectly natural process, but if you’re like most people, you want to keep its progression slow so you have plenty of time to enjoy life with the vitality and energy you used to have.

Restorative Health, with five locations in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Georgia, and Ohio, specializes in reversing the signs of aging, including using the latest techniques in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women.

Because bioidentical hormones and synthetic ones are different, even if you haven’t had success with synthetics, you might find that bioidentical ones make you feel and look better.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Every compound on the planet has its own chemical molecular structure. Bioidentical hormones have an identical structure to hormones your body naturally produces. They are derived from plant tissues and are engineered to match human hormones.

How are Bioidentical Hormones Different from Synthetic Hormones?

Synthetic hormones have a molecular structure that is similar, but not identical to, hormones produced in your body. Thus, the synthetic hormone behaves differently and produces different affects. Your body knows the difference!

Are Synthetic Hormones Bad for Me?

Synthetic hormones have been shown to cause heart disease, cancer, blood clots, strokes, and more, in patients who receive them. The medical providers at Restorative Health always recommend bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) over synthetic, but not only because of the serious side effects of synthetics. The fact is, your body more easily accepts and uses bioidentical ones. Bioidentical hormones also help preserve healthy physiology.

How Do I Take Bioidentical Hormones?

BHRT can be administered in multiple forms. Our medical providers can surgically insert a tiny pellet under your skin, or you can take oral formulations or apply a topical preparation. We’ll help you choose the method that’s best for you.

After you begin your treatment, it can take up to 10 days for your body to adjust to the new hormones.

What are the Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Men and Women?

Especially if you’re experiencing a hormonal imbalance, BHRT can help you feel more like yourself. Both men and women can reap the benefits of BHRT.

Bioidentical Hormones Match Your Body’s Hormones

By choosing bioidentical hormones and Restorative Health, you aren’t trying to achieve a hormonal balance using animals’ estrogen and testosterone. Plant estrogens are much more body-friendly and come from sources like soy and yam.

BHRT takes it a step further because you can even get a custom hormone replacement plan that is completely tailored for your body chemistry. This means your body can more readily accept them, and you’re less likely to have unwanted side effects.

Hormone Replacement for Women Controls Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

While men’s hormone therapy can improve sleep, women’s hormone therapy fully changes how women sleep, especially women going through menopause.

During menopause, women experience uncomfortable surges of heat, called hot flashes, because of the part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which controls your body’s sense of temperature.

When women’s hormones are out of whack, the hypothalamus becomes reactive and erratic. Hormone replacement for women quietens the hypothalamus, so women can enjoy a more restful sleep and stay comfortable throughout the day.

Hormone Therapy Improves Your Sex Life

When hormones like estrogen and testosterone become imbalanced, your experience during the deed, as well as your stamina and desire, are negatively affected.

Low estrogen causes vaginal dryness in women, and low testosterone can be a root cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Hormone replacement promotes vaginal lubrication and strengthens erections, even as you age.

Balanced Hormones Give You Better Skin, Hair, Bones, and Musculature

With balanced hormones, your body begins to look and feel younger. Able to produce collagen and elastin more readily, your body improves your skin quality on its own, so you’ll experience less sagging and fewer fine lines and wrinkles. An imbalance also can cause cystic acne, even decades past puberty!

Low testosterone can cause male-pattern baldness, so restoring hormones can encourage your hair follicles to awaken and begin producing new hair.

And finally, hormone imbalances weaken your bones and decrease your muscle mass. As your bone and muscle break down, you might feel much older than you are and experience medical issues you never had before, like osteoporosis. BHRT gives your body the hormones it needs to absorb to reduce your risk for related health conditions and to feel stronger and healthier.

Where to Find Bioidentical Hormone Treatment for Women and Men

Restorative Health leads the way in helping our patients rediscover themselves by invigorating and rejuvenating them with bioidentical hormone therapy.

Our medical providers create custom therapy plans for each of our patients, plus offer all-natural aesthetic treatments to complement the anti-aging qualities of hormone replacement.

Learn more about our services, and book an appointment to find the new you!



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